Welcome to BURLEBO

We cannot thank you enough for your interest in our brand and for giving us the opportunity to earn your business!  When we started BURLEBO in 2015, our goal was to be the best company to work with and to provide you with the highest quality gear for the best price.  We are creating products that you will be super proud to wear and will hold up to our high expectations.  Our designs represent who we are as outdoorsmen and women, as well help us push further in our outdoor adventures.

The name BURLEBO comes from a combination of my father's childhood nickname "Burley" and mine "Bo" short for Trey-Bo.  With family being the most important thing to us in the world, we knew we needed to incorporate family into our brand name.  The passions and traditions that are taught to us as young outdoorsmen and women are often passed down from our fathers which is why we wanted to incorporate that family bond into our brand name.  

The BURLEBO Values


There is nothing more important to us than family!  We started this adventure with the help of our family and we always knew we wanted to treat our customers as family.


We always want to be as upfront and honest with our customers as much as possible.  Our goal when we started this brand was to be the good guys in retail and we will always uphold that standard.  We look forward to earning your trust.


We strive to bring you the highest quality gear for the best price possible and we always will.  We will never settle for anything but the best for our customers and will continue to strive to be even better.